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As an avid reader and researcher on the topics of Nutrition and Fitness, I have a very different perspective of what constitutes a healthy body and mind from most personal coaches.

I’ve done numerous interviews and have received teachings from fitness professionals such as David Sean and John Berardi to name a few. I also have over ten years of coaching and personal training experience (both online and in person) with numerous clients as a certified personal trainer.

Four years in the Marine Corps and one tour of Afghanistan have taught me what it means to appreciate what you have, and how to make the most of it.


This morning, I want to give a huge Shout Out and an even bigger Thank You to my Personal Trainer, Mr. Mike Mills.

I give Mike a lot of grief on here because when I leave the gym, I am usually worn slap out. However, that is actually a great thing. That means Mike is doing his job. I believe the results to this point will back me up on that.

When I first started going to Mike, I was at the heaviest point of my life, a massive 323 lbs. I could no longer fit into my 2X shirts, was uncomfortable, and a complete blob of a mess. To make this worse… I didn’t believe I could do what was being asked of me.

You see, back in April of 2001 I was in a car accident that left my back pretty messed up. After multiple back and neck surgeries, I had just pretty much given in to the fact that I would never be able to get back in shape. So I just sat around and ate. Oh don’t get me wrong, I tried physical therapy and would try walking and exercise, but after doing stuff…. I would be down for two days, up to two weeks. So I just threw in the towel.

Well, a friend gave me an offer that I just couldn’t refuse, so I started going to the gym. Mike became my personal trainer at that point and I was totally skeptical. Mike explained to me that if I would put forth the effort and dedication, that he would get me where I wanted to be. He told me to trust him, and talk to him about everything I was feeling. He would know the difference between what was good pain, and bad pain.

When we started off, I was a little agitated. I wanted to do more, move faster… but Mike kept explaining that we would get there. I would see results with what we were doing and to trust him and the process.

Well, that wasn’t easy for me to do.

Withing the first month, I could feel a difference. Slowly, I became more agile and felt a little better. Slowly, I was getting stronger and able to do things I hadn’t done since before the accident. Slowly people started commenting on my appearance, and I could certainly see and feel the difference.

In eight months with Mike, I have made a huge dent in my goals. With him as my trainer and with his guidelines on eating, rest, and of course exercise and weight lifting… I have dropped 83 lbs.

That’s right… an average of 10 lbs a month. That in itself would be great. However, that number doesn’t exactly tell the truth. You see, I may have averaged that in weight… but have actually done so much better. While losing fat, Mike has been slowly adding muscle and definition to my body. So actually, I have lost more than 10 lbs of fat each month, because I have actually added solid muscle.

I truly feel like a different person right now, and am 40 lbs away from the goal is set with Mike in the beginning.

So, the moral of my story.

If you want to make a change in your body, add muscle, lose fat, and feel better. I have a trainer that can help you get to where you want to go. Just reach out to Mr. Mike Mills and go over what it is that you are looking to do for your body. His system will definitely get you there if you will commit.

Thanks Mad Mike…….

You have taken me a long long way. I’m ready for the back stretch of our journey.


Trey Mcdowell


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